Alexandria, Virginia — SGI Global, a leading provider of specialized law enforcement, intelligence and counter-narcoterrorism training and services, announces its partnership with Magnum Fortis, an industry-leading global learning company. The partnership, finalized July 31st, leverages SGI Global’s solid financial, intelligence, and law enforcement training capabilities with Magnum Fortis’ robust training platform and delivery system to add value, cost-effectiveness and training options for the firms’ clients.

“We are delighted to partner with Magnum Fortis,” said Michael Braun, SGI Global Managing Partner. “The SGI Global team, respected worldwide for our top-tier training programs, has strengthened our capabilities by partnering with the globally-recognized Magnum Fortis team and their online training systems. Quite frankly, we’re a perfect match and this partnership makes complete sense.”

“This partnership represents far more than simply joining two companies—it will enhance the security industry worldwide in an unprecedented way,” said Brady MacKay, Executive Vice President of Magnum Fortis. “Magnum Fortis’ top-tier professional training and delivery systems, customized to each client and providing the subject matter and training expertise of SGI Global, will give clients an unparalleled level of delivery, support and expert training to maximize effectiveness.”

To learn more about the SGI Global – Magnum Fortis partnership, please view the following:, or click above to watch the video at the top of the page.


About SGI Global

SGI Global develops, implements, and manages specialized law enforcement, intelligence, military and other security programs for government and private sector clients that counter myriad threats posed by drug trafficking and transnational organized crime groups, and narco-terrorist, terrorist and insurgent organizations around the globe.

The company also provides ground and air logistics support to the U.S. military and private sector clients in conflict and post-conflict environments. SGI Global is led by former Senior Executive Service federal law enforcement personnel and other highly qualified team members who possess decades of first-hand experience in successfully identifying and combating asymmetric threats in irregular environments. Learn more at


About Magnum Fortis

Magnum Fortis produces and provides the highest quality training, support and professional development based on client needs. This training is developed and taught by recognized subject matter experts, and applied via best practices in the most technologically advanced, convenient, on-demand, and cost-effective systems.

The company is part of School Improvement Network, which trains more than 1.3 million professionals at more than 25,000 institutions each year and produces live, on-demand, and online training through custom-built, patented platforms and software systems, delivered in the most cost-effective, technically-advanced, and convenient method. Learn more at