Law-Enforcement, Military, and Security Training:
Online, On-Demand, and On Target

Magnum Fortis is the global on-demand, online, professional-learning company that creates technologically-advanced, personalized training for personnel in law enforcement, military, private security, finance/banking, and intelligence.

We create comprehensive custom training solutions for your organization based on your requests and requirements—regardless of your organization’s size, location, or needs.

With Magnum Fortis, you’ll achieve unprecedented training results:

  • Improve the safety and effectiveness of your personnel
  • Reduce your training time, cost, and liability
  • Rely on unmatched technical and training support
  • Provide on-demand and online training for your personnel anytime and anywhere

Why Our Training Works

We use science-based effective blended learning models that incorporate interactive, multi-modal delivery of training content in short formats that are more easily comprehended and retained.

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